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Dr. Paul M. Tullio, D.C., a Chiropractic Physician who practiced chiropractic, and oriental medicine, which included the use of acupuncture, developed China-Gel topical pain reliever. The following is the story of China-Gel and how it came about, what it is, how it is manufactured, and what it can do to relieve the pain and suffering of mankind. Dr. Tullio had been interested in and studied oriental medicine since 1970 and accumulated an extensive library pertaining to the history and all phases of oriental medicine. Of particular interest to him were the study of acupuncture and the science of herbs in the treatment of human ailments and the control of pain. Over the years, he researched all available sources relative to the body’s ability to control pain and promote healing. His research pointed out that there were a number of herbal substances that were reported to reduce pain and inflammation when taken orally or applied directly to the skin.

The focus was on those herbal substances that were most frequently mentioned in the literature on oriental medicine as being effective in the relief of inflammation and pain. With the purchase of commercial gels and various herbal extracts and tinctures, experimentation began by mixing various combinations of these ingredients into the gel. Carefully, these preparations were used on patients, particularly in connection with the application of ultra-sound treatments, using the preparations as a coupling agent. Dr. Tullio felt this would be the most effective way to use the product, since ultra-sound penetrates the tissues and would therefore allow for better penetration of the product. After several years of study, the most effective formula developed was that which comprises the present China-Gel formula. He proceeded to use this formula in his clinic on virtually every ultra-sound treatment that was given which amounted to thousands upon thousands of applications over the course of ten years. In all that time and with all the treatments given, there was not one incident in which a negative reaction occurred in any of his patients. The patients’ reactions were extremely positive as they related the good feeling and relief of pain they experienced following the treatment.

Dr PaulAs an added physiological benefit, China-Gel, when applied as directed, stimulates the endorphin receptors and elicits the pain relieving endorphin response. Also, the stimulation of the circulation removes the “P” factor, or lactic acid, in the muscle, which produces muscle spasm, and allows the muscles to relax. Research shows that both of these reactions lower the level of pain.

After much encouragement, by persons who were familiar with the product, Dr. Tullio teamed up with Ms. Suzanne H. Girardin to develop and market the product commercially. Through discussions with one of the major drug companies, they were referred to a chemist who was familiar with this type of product. After months of working the formula with him, they came to a conclusion as to what a proto-type of the product should consist of. The chemist then referred them to a laboratory where the product would be produced according to their specifications. Again, after months of working and re-working the formula, the final product was decided upon and China-Gel as it is today was conceived.

Of major concern was that the product be different from and superior to all others on the market. It was to resemble and feel like a fine hand cream that, following application, would disappear and not leave a lingering odor, but yet would be effective in the relief of pain. Above all, the product had to be natural and without any harsh chemicals that might be damaging to the skin. At the same time, the color and appearance had to be appealing.

Dr. Tullio and Ms. Girardin chose a light, sea-foam green color with a creamy consistency. They increased the lavender so as to mask the menthol odor. This gave it a pleasant odor with a lingering lavender scent. Unlike other products, China-Gel would not have an oil base and would be water soluble, which makes it easy to wash off and prevents staining of even the most delicate clothing.

Once the final product was agreed upon, they diverted their attention to naming the product. Again, they studied the literature for a name that would most appropriately describe their product. Subsequently, China-Gel was chosen and the use of the Yin Yang symbol, which denotes the balance of life, was used. Knowing that pain, discomfort and inflammation disrupt the normal balance of tissue, the Yin Yang principal reflects the ultimate result with the use of China-Gel, as tissues are brought to their normal state, and the natural energy of the body is allowed to once more function in a normal, balanced manner. The commercial venture of China-Gel was started in May 1995. The growth from its inception through now is quite remarkable and encouraging from both professionals as well as the general public.

Today, we at China-Gel advise our customers to use China-Gel as part of their own wellness program for arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, the pain of shingles, insect & bee bites, joint/muscle pains, tension headaches, sunburn, back and neck pain, rehabilitation/massage therapy, etc. We are pleased that China-Gel users from coast to coast have experienced pain relief, not in days, not in hours… but in minutes. We are proud of our product, but above all, we are pleased that we have developed a topical cream that will relieve the suffering of our clients from the debilitating effects of everyday pain.