What is Bursitis?

Bursitis causes pain around the affected joint thought the inflammation of small fluid filled sacs. These sacs, called bursa, provide cushioning between your bones and the connective tissue, so when inflammation occurs, movement becomes painful. The duration is normally short, but flare-ups are common. Most often repetitive movement is the cause.

China-Gel Can Help

Treatment usually involves rest. China-Gel can be beneficial for bursitis. Massaging China-Gel into the affected area two to three times a day will help to provide effective relief. When massaged properly into the skin, China-Gel stimulates circulation and the body’s endorphin response to pain helping your body to heal the pain naturally. The herbs, seven in all, are reported effective not only in helping to relieve pain, but also to further enhance healing making China-Gel a great alternative to oral medications.


“I have sever bursitis on my right side, and while I was at my niece’s house over the holidays, she introduced me to China-Gel. It is wonderful. It stopped the pain for hours, and it has a pleasant scent. Thanks for making such a great product.” - J.E., IL