Knee Pain

Knee pain can be the result of a number of conditions. Sprained ligaments, torn cartilage, arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, gout, and others can be the reason you are in pain. Pain, whether acute or chronic, can rage from minor discomfort to debilitating. The path of treatment will be guided by the diagnosis.

China-Gel Can Help

Treatment for any knee pain generally involves resting the affected area, icing, and taking an anti-inflammatory, if necessary. Massaging China-Gel into the area of pain two to three times a day will help to provide effective relief to any injuries or chronic aches. When massaged properly into the skin China-Gel stimulates circulation and the body’s endorphin response to pain. The herbs, seven in all, are reported effective not only in helping to relieve pain, but also to further enhance healing making China-Gel a great alternative to oral medications.