What is Tendinitis?

Tendinitis is the inflammation of a tendon, a band or fibrous tissue connecting muscle to bone. The inflammation is usually caused by overexertion in sports or other physical activity. A tendinitis attack causes pain in the affected tendon worsened by activity.

China-Gel Can Help

Treatment for tendinitis involves resting the affected area, icing, and taking an anti-inflammatory, if necessary. Massaging China-Gel into the area of pain two to three times a day will help to provide effective relief to any flare-ups or chronic aches. When massaged properly into the skin China-Gel stimulates circulation and the body’s endorphin response to pain. The herbs, seven in all, are reported effective not only in helping to relieve pain, but also to further enhance healing making China-Gel a great alternative to oral medications.


“Just found out about your product. Love it better than [your competitor]. I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendinitis and this is the first relief I’ve had topically in some time. Used after acupuncture treatment or yoga, and it is heaven!” --- Teresa L., MI