"On behalf of myself and all of my patients, I would like to thank you for making China-Gel available to us. We have consistently been using China-Gel since 1995 and do not know what we would do without it."
- Dr. Frank G. Hideg, DC, Kentucky

"That is the best stuff I have ever used, and the one jar I have has been to 3 people. My grandmother came over and rubbed some China-Gel on my back (for disk problems) and within ten minutes I was able to get out of bed. It worked better than any other painkiller I have ever used. Thank you so much China-Gel."
- R. Siegler, Arizona

"China-Gel, with its immediate and penetrating action, is awesome."
- A.S., Arizona

"Helps my arthritic knees more than any of the many products I have previously used."
- M.S., Illinois

"A friend introduced me to China-Gel and I'm completely hooked. I've had major back pain for months and China-Gel makes me feel fluid again. I need to order. This is an amazing product."
- D. Smith, Illinois

"This is in a payment for one case (36) jars of China-Gel. This will mean many pain free days for several people."
- R. Alleman, Michigan

“…[W]e’ve noticed dramatic differences when used as a coupling agent with our ultrasound equipment. Time and time again, patients arise from treatments stating that they notice pain relief. Great product.”
– Dr. P. Kolaski, D

 “I integrate China-Gel into the sessions where clients have sore, painful, and tight muscles. My clients love it…how it eases away discomfort quickly. Those with athletic and arthritic pain really love it. Orders come in from all over the country based on recommendations of my clients. Thanks from my clients and me for creating such a great product.”
– A. Caldwell, LMT

“I suffer from numerous ailments (cancer, diabetes, emphysema, crippling arthritis, and heart attacks). At times, my body hurts so bad that I could yell. I use it morning, noon, and night to relieve the pain I fight. It’s like a magic cream. Almost immediately the pain is gone and I have more flexibility. I have tried other brands of topicals, and they just do not compare. I could not get by without my China-Gel. Thank God & China-Gel for helping me.”
– Gabby Hayes

“Our patients are introduced to it on their first visit. After they realize how good it makes them feel, it sells itself. We have to restock constantly, because the demand is so large.”
– Dr. R. Vaughn, DC

“China-Gel is a wonderful product with a lot of properties that are beneficial to our everyday pains and aches. We have been using the product for just over a year and we have experienced much relief from the use of this product. We recommend it to all who suffer from arthritis and other inflamation that can make life very uncomfortable.“
– G. Naccarato

“This is the best pain reliever I have ever found. I have used all the products on the market and China-Gel is the highest quality product I have come across.”
– Dr. L. Miner