The physical practice of yoga involves a series of postures, or asanas, to improve strength and endurance to prepare the body for spiritual development. Practice can be demanding and often lead to soreness or even an occasional injury. While it is highly recommended to continue practice to alleviate soreness…

China-Gel Can Help

China-Gel can help to reduce the soreness and injury pain between classes. When applied as directed, China-Gel stimulates the body's endorphin response to pain and reduces the pain - producing P factor in muscle tissue, thereby lessening pain and discomfort, and enhancing healing. The deep penetrating effect offers long lasting cool-to-warm soothing relief.

Use China-Gel before your practice to loosen up sore muscles as a complement to your warm up. Then, depending on practice and preference, teachers often apply China-Gel during Savasana for a delightful effect. Definitely use China-Gel after to treat sore muscles, aching joints, or any nagging injuries.


“From super models to rap moguls, they all use China-Gel in our center. Sharon Gannon and David Life, directors of the Jivamukti Yoga Center, also take it to all their workshops. This is an amazing product.” --Carlos Menjivar, Managing Director, Jivamukti Yoga Center

“I just wanted you to know that my staff and I love China-Gel. We introduce every student at our yoga studio to your product. We find that it helps students release the tension in their necks and that the smell is also very relaxing yet invigorating. The smell dissipates within an hour as the gel dries, which means students can leave the product on as they go to work or go about the rest of their day. We also like the natural ingredients. We sell a ton of China-Gel for a relatively small size yoga studio. The pump is a great dispensing tool for classes. I cannot say enough great things about China-Gel. Thank you for supplying this wonderful product!" -–Chad Satlow, Barrington Yoga Works